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Single review "coming to break your heart"

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

By Bee Delores On September 7, 2023 in Country, Country Reviews, Latest Posts

Everyone’s heart can be broken if pushed far enough.

The Close – made of Shannon Walker, Lori J Rowton, and James McKinney – forge this sentiment within their brand new song “Coming to Break Your Heart.” The title deceives, as the song isn’t about breaking someone else’s but showing them how yours can be so terribly damaged. “I’m giving you back your pain,” sings Rowton in the song’s final line.

Such is the emotional foundation for a song that builds with sinewy folk and indie roots. As exemplary as the song is, the creation process wasn’t easy. Rowton carried around the bassline, among other fragments, since she was 11. “She always knew she wanted to use it on a special song, but she never found the right one,” shares the band in a press statement.

Years later, Walker cooked up “this great earworm and partial chorus that he kept wanting to write with Lori, but she never felt it was quite right,” the band continues. A writer’s retreat resulted in the rest of the song clicking into place in a lightning bolt moment. Rowton played her version of the song on piano, and when McKinney took out his guitar and played, she had “an epiphany. The song fit perfectly with Shannon’s earworm and chorus. A good song wants to be written, but sometimes it takes patience to let it unfold in its own time.”

Listen to “Coming to Break Your Heart” below.

“I know you’re running around when you stay out all night,” they sing, their harmonies rich and supple. “Well, I’m tired of you taking / This isn’t love we’re making tonight / Now, the nightmares are beginning / I’ll tell you who’ll be winning this fight…”

“Coming to Break Your Heart” anchors a forthcoming debut long player titled Orbit, coming this fall. It’s their first piece of music in two years and follows their 2019 EP, Hello Heart.

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